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Energing (Pty) Ltd is a private company in the energy sector also in Mining and Petroleum.


We consider ourselves to be the go-to alternate energy specialists and take pride in our engineering expertise, industry-wide connections and friendly, personal and pragmatic approach.

Combined with our up to date knowledge of solar, biogas, wind, LED, composite energy solutions, power monitoring and a host of other supporting services we are confident we can create a working solution specific to your needs.

The vision of the Energing (Pty) Ltd Team is to offer sustainable energy solutions in order to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.
At Energing (Pty) Ltd, we are not product aligned but committed to sourcing and testing the best products available to ensure we exceed the expectations of our valued clients.
It is an Energing (Pty) Ltd objective and goal to ensure we add value to the lives of all South Africans. We do this through our Green initiatives, product selection and aim to integrate business and social responsibility in a union of entrepreneurial social vitality and global greening.
We stand by our engineering expertise, our industry-wide connections and our friendly, personal and pragmatic approach. We look forward to working with you!

The go-to sustainable energy specialists!



The go-to alternate energy specialists!

We offer a range of services from full project design and delivery, feasibility studies, pre and post-installation efficiency monitoring, product sourcing, energy consultation, energy research training courses and more.

Power Auditing

Allow us to conduct a full-power audit on your home, business or enterprise. We deliver a full audit of your energy profile and provide available options for you to consider to improve or modify your power consumption.

Green Consulting

Our Green Consultancy Service offers tailor-made solutions to suit your needs and can include feasibility studies, post-installation efficiency monitoring, project design and delivery, power monitoring and auditing and more.

Power Monitoring

Energing (Pty) Ltd installs electronic monitoring equipment to analyse, profile and advise on current consumption patterns. With this knowledge, we are able to recommend a solution and improved practices.

Custom Engineering

Our skilled team works closely with our clients to achieve cost-effective, reliable renewable energy systems. We are able to assist with design, sourcing, implementation and commissioning of renewable energy systems across the spectrum.

Project Management

Energing (Pty) Ltd will project manage your undertaking including planning, risk management and mitigation, resource management, budgets and quality control. With a proven track record with large scale projects, we are confident we can deliver a quality solution on time and to budget


We apply our industry knowledge and our years of experience to quantitative, qualitative or analytical research for academic purposes, to test hypotheses or to determine the feasibility of technology, project or renewable energy undertaking.